The mission of the National Literary Habitat is to deliver timely, relevant content, tools and resources to writers and authors to prepare them for success in the rapidly changing world of publishing. With global technologies like print-on-demand and eBooks becoming main stream; authors and writers must embrace and master these new tools to be competitive in today’s marketplace.

This goal is achieved through live workshops, classes and conferences utilizing top talent from the publishing and book marketing industry from around the globe. 2015-05-09 14.49.59

The Habitat is a classroom, teaching and meeting facility located at Sweet Water Rest, which is 5.4 acres of unique wildlife habitat located in north-central Kentucky. This gently rolling land includes woods, pasture, ponds and wetlands that are home to a remarkably diverse community of wildlife including upland birds, song birds, Monarch butterflies, hawks, owls, foxes, deer and wild turkey. Ornamental gardens are woven into this natural landscape to create an environment conducive to creative thought and rejuvenation.

This unique facility includes a writer’s retreat that offers private, living quarters for visiting writers and authors to enjoy. This environment facilitates reflection and creative thought, to promote the completion of literary projects.

All programs are available to writers and authors without regard to genre, gender, race, ethnicity, or political affiliation.

Outreach programming is utilized to reach under-served communities that are unable to visit the Habitat.